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Planet Flops®, based in Beverly Hills, CA, offers the most comfortable flip-flops available because they are made with natural rubber. Try them and find out for yourself what makes Planet Flops so amazingly comfy!

Dr. Sylvie, a Beverly Hills podiatrist, founder of Dr. ShoeMom and flip-flop aficionado, created Planet Flops after searching the globe for the most comfortable and eco-friendly flip-flops. Planet Flops are made in beautiful Brazil with remarkably soft yet durable natural Brazilian rubber.

After providing Planet Flops to her exclusive clientele and hearing rave reviews, Dr. Sylvie decided to make them available throughout the United States.

Natural rubber, as opposed to synthetic rubber, comes from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). The harvesting of natural rubber occurs by harmlessly "tapping" into the tree to remove a milky sap from the bark. This does not affect the health of the tree.

In addition to their natural rubber construction, which provides a firm but comfortable platform, Planet Flops come in a dazzling array of colors, designs and styles. With names like Chocolate Strawberry, Licorice, and Cotton Candy, to name a few, Planet Flops are a must-have fashion item that offer style, distinction and comfort in one superior product. These are the most comfortable, flexible and fashionable summer footwear you can own.

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Planet Flops
324 S. Beverly Dr., #201
Beverly Hills, California

Phone: 1-424-253-6530

Email: sales@planetflops.com

RETAILERS: If you would like to carry Planet Flops in your retail store, please contact us at 1-424-253-6530 or sales@planetflops.com. If you already have orders with us and would like to check on them, please contact Planet Flops at the information above.

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For Questions or Comments Regarding your Online Order, please contact: sales@planetflops.com

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If you need editorial support, press samples or have an event, please contact us at 1-424-253-6530 or customerservice@planetflops.com.